Moroccan Berber Camp

At the foot of the Atlas mountains just 45 minutes from Marrakech is this stunning Berber tented village! The tents are air conditioned and a swimming pool is on site. Spend the evenings around the huge, roaring fire. Spend your days relaxing and chilling.

Activities such as Rafting, canyoning, kayaking, paragliding, quad bike tours, climbing wall, basketball, archery, treking in the atlas, mountain biking, water polo… the list goes on and on. We can tailor your adventure holiday to exactly what you want. You can even ski in the winter months!

This location is ideal for groups and can host up to over 200 people. The whole 7 hectares is surrounded by a wall so you have a exclusive private retreat. Suitable for corporate groups, weddings, hen parties and stag weekend events as well as schools and education travel.

Full Description of the Camp Below

In some ways, our age- the age of stress, anxiety, worry, conflicts, and overwork – is the outcome of our craving for facilitating life. This has been achieved at the expense of our inner peace. Concrete buildings have replaced trees and green fields.
People have grown less trusting and approachable. Everybody is likely to reminesce the old, peaceful days when people were in direct contact with nature. Feeling tired-out is nature’s way of telling you to rest.
When was the last time you went bivouac? Why pay those outrageous hotel bills when you can camp inexpensively and give yourself and family an adventure at the same time?
Bivouac is a past time as old as time going back to when men slept under the stars or in make-shift tents as a manner of living. �
When you are camping you will know what true togetherness is. Since you are sleeping outdoors, the sun wakes you up early. You will be spending most of your time outdoors, enjoying the beauty of nature and the fresh air and there is plenty of time for just plain talking to each other.
Whether you are enjoying fishing in a lake or hiking in the mountains, there are plenty of fun activities, and there is not the hustle and bustle of rip-off tourist attractions. It is a great opportunity to get back in touch with nature and each other and is also one of the most inexpensive vacations you will enjoy and remember for a long time.

Berber Colors: a unique concept in Morocco.

What makes our bivouac different from others :
Open-air celebrations and fun are nothing but an amazing experience we incessantly. endeavour to offer our customers. We also intend to encourage team work through group activities. Our well-seasoned staff will be at your service to help you make your travel a lot more enjoyable and entertaining. Our bivouacs are situated only a few miles away from the ocher city, Marrakesh, which makes it a convenient vacation resort. Visitors will find serenity and tranquility away from the hustle and bustle imposed by modern life. Typical nomadic tens are ill-equipped and are not likely to offer the modern man the basic means of comfort. We have come up with a new concept that preserves the tradition and incorporates the modern.  Our camp ground offers many activities and amenities such as outdoor pools, bathrooms, restaurants, reading rooms, game rooms, sports fields…
Our bivouacs are built with wrought iron frameworks. The ground is tiled and covered with Berber-style carpets. Each tent is equipped with speakers and ,as a safety precaution, fire extinguishers. Besides accommodations, the bivouacs are also designed with enough space to allow for conferences, seminars and meetings.  Behind each tent, there is a vast open space equipped with a bar and a large flat screen monitor, allowing, thus the organization of open- bars, coffee breaks, and fun activities such as dancing…The tents
– The interior ground of the tents is tiled and equiped with four electrical outlets
– Original tents measuring 20 m2 with a decorative beige interior canvas supported by built-in frameworks
– Tent tops are covered with waterproof tarpaulin.
– The Exterior is covered with traditional bedouin fabric
– Four windows with mosquito nets.
– Comfortable beds: mattress 190/90 cm.
– Rugs
– Bedside tables
– Lampshades
– Patterned Towels
– Guest soaps
– Boxes of tissues
The bivouac has round shapes, the sign of union, surrounded by green gardens.
The tents’ entrances are paved making movement more manageable.Sanitation
­64 showers
­64 sinks with mirrors, lights and electrical outlets.
­32 toilets bowl-shaped
­Solar heated water

A reliable electrical supply of 160 Kva and a generator of 30 kv in case of electricity failure. You do not have to be on the lookout for the weather forecast. Our Bivouacs are livable under any weather conditions.
Across from the tents, there is a large circular garden in. A closer look at it will allow you to feast your eyes on a variety of flora- lawns, shrubs, flowers all lit up by Moroccan-style lanterns.

The camp fire
In the middle of the camp ground, there’s a camp fire dug 1,5 m in the ground and with a diameter of 20 m. It is surrounded by a structure made of wrought iron which is built to prevent sparks of ember from reaching people. It is a place for gathering and fun.

The amphitheater with an auditorium can host up to 500 people along with a platform for delivering speeches. It is also an arena for dance lovers. The ground is a giant chessboard. There is also a large bar for night parties and a lighting system.

A space for meetings and seminars
Three large rooms measuring 180m2 each .they’re logistically furnished and easily adjustable. The rooms can host up to 400 people and can be used for different purposes such as coffee-breaks, Cocktails, open-bars, meals…They’re also surrounded by lawns, flowers, orange and olive trees, and a small pergola. Behind the pergola, there is a private swimming pool reserved for seminar attendees.

Restaurant, reading room, and game room
The kitchen has two levels: The basement is used for storing food in a refrigerated chamber. Preparing meals takes place on the ground floor.  Visitors are welcome to try Moroccan recipes, take tours of the kitchen and watch the preparation of local specialties.

The tables
­Round tables for 8 to 10 people or rectangular ones for 6 people
­Comfortable chairs
­Cloth napkins and towels
­High-quality plates
­Fresh tablecloths
­stainless steel forks and knives of different sizes
­wine and water glasses along with champagne flutes
­floral decorations
­drinks and cocktails are accompanied by salted foods (grilled peanuts and almonds, chips or pop-corns, olives).
­the foods on the menu are prepared by local women assisted by a chef wood-burning ovens are available for those who like naturally cooked meat.

Sports and fun activities
-A large outdoor swimming pool in the center of the campground: 20m x 10 m. It has a depth of 1.60m. it is connected to a small swimming pool for children. It can be also used to perform several fun activities such as water- basketball, canoeing, kayaking, racing…
­Basketball and volleyball courts with seating stands
­Multi-purpose Grassy field for sports activities such as football, and relay races (runners compete with huge oriental slippers for fun)�
­Lawn bowling
­Quad riding
­Canoeing and kayaking on The Lake. The latter offers breath-taking views of snow-capped mountains.
­Horse-back riding
­Camel-back riding
­Mule-back riding
­Tours in SUVs
­The whole estate is surrounded by a wall measuring 4 m high. Each tent is equipped with speakers. As a safety precaution, each tent is equipped with fire extinguishers.
-Excursions to nearby towns. Taking tours of historic sights, souks….
­Weekend outings