Outdoor Activities based in Marrakech since 2009



Morocco may not be the first destination that springs to mind when you think of adventure activities.  The huge Atlas mountains are snow covered for a lot of the year have many rivers and canyons running the whole length of them.  The vast expanse of the Sahara Desert is only a few hours drive from Marrakech.  There’s also a spectacular coastline with world class break for surfing plus amazing wind for kite surfing and wind surfing.  The colours, smells and sounds of famous cities like Marrakech, Casablanca, Fez and Tangiers are truly memorable and will stay with you for long time after your return home.  All this makes Morocco an outstanding adventure destination.

At Splash Morocco we run a variety of trips, tours and adventures which take full advantage of this cocktail of amazing country.

Safety Our Top Priority

At Splash Rafting Morocco safety is our number one priority. We are part of a small group of adventure companies based around the world that take in excess of 20000 people rafting each year. We have an outstanding safety record. We are insured by the Activities Industry Mutual insurance company in the UK and our UK companies are AALA licenced by the governments health and safety department.

Our guides are all trained to the International Rafting Federation ( IRF) standards and are all qualified in first aid and swift water rescue.  We recruit guides from around the World based on their skill and ability and length of experience which will have been gained in many different environments.

We also insist that our guides are excellent communicators and generally fun people to be around. We are also proud to say that our reputation means that we get many more guides wanting to work for us than we can employ. We will strive to continue to be the company of choice for the worlds best guides.

Our off river guides are local Berber Moroccans who have excellent knowledge of the country and traditions of the local people. They are all fluent in several languages.


What is included in your trip?

1. All safety gear to European standards.

2. Qualified and experienced English speaking guides.

3. Operations and safety support in Marrakech while you are on your trip.

4. Transport from Marrakech to your adventure venue and back with a driver and local Splash Crew multi- lingual speaking tour guide.

5. Lunch ( on full day trips only)

6. Adventure, adrenaline and a serious amount of fun!!

What do you need to bring?

1. Towel (if you’re doing a wet activity)

2. Swim costume or swim shorts or spare underwear to be worn under underneath the wetsuits

3. Training shoes that can get wet if you have them ( if not we will supply)

4. Sense of adventure and fun

5. Sun cream for those hot and sunny days (we get plenty of them!)

Equipment we provide?

Wetsuit, splash jacket, helmet, buoyancy aid, paddle, (shoes if required)

Rafting is available in Dec, Jan, Feb, March, Apr and May (weather dependent)

We have half day trips 2 day trips and 1 week trips