Ouzoud Cascades Tour

£70 per person all inclusive

The Program of the day :

The day starts with an early departure heading through Damnate and its fields of Olive trees. We continue, driving towards the natural bridge of Imi Nifri where we’ll stop for a mint tea and enjoy the view. After reaching Tanannt, a village perched on the top of a hill, you will see an outstanding panorama onto the Jbel Ghat and the Jbel Azoukri, especially when the Atlas rock ridge is covered with snow. After Tanannt, we will drive through the Entila region where fortified dwellings (Kasbahs) with square towers can be seen from the road.

Once we arrive at Ouzoud, we will walk for a couple of minutes to the upper waters of the waterfalls where grain mills operate thanks to the torrent of water.

The waterfalls are spectacular and are often topped by a rainbow thanks to the spray of water falling on the rocks.  They join up with the Oued el Abid canyon, two kilometres below. A winding footpath among olive trees will lead you to the foot of the waterfall, where you will perhaps catch a glimpse of the wild monkeys – hold on to your hats.

We have lunch here, overlooking the falls before slowly making our way back to Marrakech.

You can view pictures of the tour here – http://photos.rafting.co.uk/Morocco-Adventures-Cascades