Double bedroom in Riad SplashLike any large city Marrakech has a huge range of accommodation providers (1000+ at the last count) – however unlike other cities, part of your Morocco adventure is the unique accommodation experience in Marrakech which Splash Morocco’s city centre riad and out of town hotel offer. For those new to riad living, its an essential part of your adventure holiday and we encourage all our clients to try this unforgettable aspect of Moroccan lifestyle.

Splash now offer a range of accommodation options to suit all tastes and budgets in our  stunning central riad:  Riad Dar Atta (near the iconic Koutoubia Mosque and main Jmaa el-Fnaa Square).

Riad SplashRiads have been designed in a way to stay cool in the searing heat of summer and warm in the sharp Moroccan winter nights. The medina is full of riads that have all been brought back to life over the years and part of the fun is finding them down the twisting back streets and walk ways.

To explore our riad further, take a look at our photo gallery:  Riad Dar Atta photos